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Complete Employee Security Awareness Testing: A Holistic Solution for Your Business



Our team will engage in a comprehensive discussion with you to better understand your needs and create a tailored plan to fortify your security infrastructure.


Our skilled security engineers and dedicated project managers who will work closely with you to develop targeted phishing campaigns.


We carry out comprehensive assessments such as email phishing, spear phishing, vishing scenarios, Simulated pretexting calls, USB drop testing, Physical security breach simulations, Tailgating exercises.

Report & Recommendation

Receive a detailed executive report, encompassing comprehensive recommendations and practical steps for remediation.
Email & Pre-texting Phishing

Basic, intermediate & Advanced

During the simulation, it is vital to closely monitor employee responses and system reactions to the mock security breach. Documenting observed strengths and weaknesses enables a comprehensive post-simulation analysis, facilitating the identification of crucial areas for improvement. Subsequently, a targeted action plan can be developed, encompassing training initiatives and security enhancements to fortify your organization’s defenses against potential cyber threats.

USB Drop Testing

During USB drop testing, carefully observe employee reactions to strategically placed infected USB drives to gauge their adherence to security protocols. Thorough documentation of these responses facilitates a detailed analysis post-testing, enabling the identification of any vulnerabilities in the organization’s physical security measures. Subsequently, the development of an effective action plan, including targeted training and reinforcement of physical security protocols, ensures the strengthening of the organization’s defenses against potential security breaches.

Physical Security Breach Simulations

Physical security breach simulations involve the staged enactment of security breaches or unauthorized access attempts to evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s physical security measures. These simulations often include scenarios such as attempts to gain entry to restricted areas, tampering with physical security devices, or bypassing security checkpoints. The primary goal is to assess the organization’s ability to detect, deter, and respond to physical security threats, enabling the identification of potential vulnerabilities and the implementation of necessary improvements to bolster overall security measures.

Tailgating Exercises

Tailgating exercises involve testing employees’ compliance with physical security protocols by attempting unauthorized access to secure areas, typically by following closely behind an authorized individual. This assessment helps identify any weaknesses in the organization’s physical security measures and employee adherence to security protocols.

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